Annualized Salary
In general, for hourly non-retail partners, your annualized salary is determined by taking your hourly rate equivalent and converting it to an annual salary as of the last day of the fiscal year. For salaried non-retail partners, your Bean Stock reward is based on your annual salary as of the last day of the fiscal year.

Closing Price
Closing price refers to the closing price of Starbucks common stock, as reported on the NASDAQ stock exchange.

Economic Value
The economic value is derived using a common financial reporting methodology to estimate the current value of Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) based on several assumptions, including the closing price of Starbucks stock on the grant date, the anticipated value at future vest dates, and the changes in Starbucks stock price. Essentially, it is the present value of potential future gains over the vesting period of the RSU. Each year we use economic value to establish a set of guidelines by which we determine the number of shares rewarded (in the form of an RSU).

Fiscal Year
A fiscal year is the 12-month period used for accounting purposes. Starbucks fiscal year starts on the Monday following the Sunday closest to September 30, and ends on the Sunday closest to September 30 the following year.

Grant Date
The date on which Starbucks grants equity rewards like RSUs and stock options. This date marks the start of your vesting schedule.

Netting of Shares
The tax-withholding process where the total number of shares deposited into the Fidelity Account is reduced by the number of shares equal to the amount of income tax you owe.

Restricted Stock Units (RSUs)
A Restricted Stock Unit, or RSU, is the right to receive a specified number of shares of Starbucks stock upon satisfaction of the vesting criteria.

Shares of Stock
The terms “share” and “stock” are often used interchangeably. A share of stock is an individual share of ownership in a company. When you purchase shares of Starbucks stock, you become a shareholder—or part owner—in the company. As a shareholder you have the right to vote on important company issues, such as who serves on the Board of Directors.

The time period that gives you the right to receive a specified number of shares of Starbucks stock. When a portion of your RSU has vested, you own the shares outright. Vesting will generally occur on the anniversary date of the RSU grant.