Welcome, partners

Bean Stock was created in 1991 as a way for Starbucks employees to share in the company’s success. In a time when stock grants were for executives only, Starbucks was proposing something different – an opportunity for employees in our stores, roasting plants, distribution and support centers to own a piece of the company. This is how we became known as partners.

To this day, Bean Stock remains a unique benefit for Starbucks partners. Get started by watching the video below.

Each year, usually in November, eligible partners are granted Bean Stock Restricted Stock Units (RSUs), which turn into shares of Starbucks stock over a two-year period. To receive those shares, you will need to be continuously employed during that waiting period, which is commonly called vesting.

If you stay employed by Starbucks for at least one year from the November grant date with no breaks in service, you will receive the first half of your Bean Stock. If you remain employed for two years from the grant date, you will receive the second half. Once you own the shares, you can hold or sell them – it’s up to you.

Starbucks is a publicly traded company. This means that anyone who wants to own a piece of Starbucks can become a shareholder by purchasing shares of Starbucks stock on the NASDAQ stock exchange. With Bean Stock, if you meet the criteria for your Bean Stock grant to vest, you become a shareholder without making any purchase.

Once you become a Starbucks shareholder, you have a choice to hold your shares or sell them.

Holding your shares


Selling your shares


There is no need to enroll for Bean Stock – you are eligible for the annual grant if you:

  • Are hired by Starbucks as of May 1 before the November grant date,
  • Are a store partner or retail support partner in a position up to, but not including grade 25+ jobs, and
  • Work in a company owned market (licensed/franchise stores are not eligible)