What to Do with Your Shares

Once your Bean Stock vests, you become a Starbucks shareholder. You may choose to hold your shares, or sell them at any time.

Where to look

After your Bean Stock vests, you will see the net shares (or shares after taxes) deposited into the individual section of your Fidelity account and the taxable income and taxes withheld (as applicable) will be reported on your pay statement.

Voting and dividends

As a shareholder, you have the right to vote on important Starbucks issues, such as who serves on the Board of Directors.

You will also be entitled to receive any quarterly announced dividends as long as you remain a shareholder through the dividend record date. Your Fidelity Account is automatically set to receive cash dividends. If you prefer to have dividends reinvested, call a Fidelity representative.

For more information, visit Starbucks Investor Relations.


Use your Fidelity account to sell shares (pdf) and transfer cash proceeds.

Note: If you wish to withdraw cash proceeds from your Fidelity account, currency conversion is an optional service offered. If you choose not to use Fidelity for your currency conversion, you can wire proceeds out in U.S. dollars and convert them at another institution (if allowed by your country or bank). Please note that exchange rates and transaction times may vary over time. You are encouraged to review and compare rates to ensure you receive the best rate possible. If you have questions regarding currency conversion, please contact Fidelity. You may also incur fees from your financial institution.