Your First Grant

Bean Stock is granted in the form of Restricted Stock Units or RSUs.

Value of your grant

When we talk about value, we’re referring to the economic value, which is an estimate of what your Bean Stock is worth at grant. The value of your grant is based on job for retail partners and annualized salary for non-retail partners as of the last day of Starbucks fiscal year.

Number of RSUs

To calculate the number of Bean Stock RSUs, take the economic value of your grant and divide it by the closing price of Starbucks stock on the grant date.

Grant Calculation Example:
This example is for illustrative purposes only.

Let’s say that the economic value of your Bean Stock RSUs is $500 and the closing price of Starbucks stock on the grant date is $52.

$500 ÷ $52 = 9.6* RSUs
*All RSUs granted will be rounded up to the nearest share

Your Bean Stock grant would be 10 RSUs.

Your Fidelity Account

When you receive your first Bean Stock grant, you are automatically set-up with a Fidelity account and will need to go to Fidelity NetBenefits to:

  1. Open your account (pdf)
  2. View and accept your grant (pdf)