Once your Bean Stock vests, you receive shares of Starbucks stock (less taxes due) and you become a shareholder (or owner) of the company.


how your Fidelity account works, what happens after vesting and information about holding or selling your Starbucks shares

Your Fidelity NetBenefits account is where you’ll find information about your Bean Stock. You can view the quantity and current value of your unvested RSUs, review associated Plan Documents and accept your grant(s).

When you log in to your account, you have the option to select your Language and Display Currency in the upper right corner. The default is set to English and USD.

On the Summary tab, the Total Value displayed is the sum of your TOTAL GRANT VALUE (gray tile) and your STOCK PLAN ACCOUNT (green tile).

TOTAL GRANT VALUE (gray tile) shows detail and value of your Bean Stock grants.

STOCK PLAN ACCOUNT (green tile) shows detail of the shares that you own and cash dividend payments.


On the Account details tab, you will find your shares from vested Bean Stock on the asset line for STARBUCKS CORP COM. If you wish to sell your shares, use the Sell button.

You will also find any cash dividend payments on the asset line for FIDELITY GOVERNMENT CASH RESERVES. If you wish to transfer the cash balance, use the Transfer button.

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After your Bean Stock vests, you will see the net shares (or shares after taxes) in your Fidelity NetBenefits account.

Log in to your account, click on STOCK PLAN ACCOUNT.

Under Your assets, you will find a line called STARBUCKS CORP COM.

Click View share details to see your shares.

Voting rights and dividends are benefits of being a shareholder. To keep up on the latest news for Starbucks shareholders, visit Starbucks Investor Relations.

Voting Rights

As a shareholder, you have the right to vote on important Starbucks issues, such as who serves on the Board of Directors and topics that may be covered at the company’s annual meeting.


Dividends are the distribution of the company’s profits to its shareholders. Starbucks Board of Directors determines dividend payments and amounts on a quarterly basis. If you remain a shareholder through each dividend record date, your Fidelity account will automatically be credited with cash dividends. If you prefer to have dividends reinvested, please call a Fidelity representative.

For historical stock information, visit Starbucks dividend and stock split history.

You can view and manage the shares you own by logging into your Fidelity account.

Please keep in mind that if your Bean Stock hasn’t vested, you do not own any shares of Starbucks stock yet. Once your Bean Stock vests, the resulting shares are deposited to your Fidelity account and then you have the opportunity to hold or sell them.  

Use this quick start guide to sell: Selling Shares in Your Stock Plan Account or Watch a quick video